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What is SMARTT?

SMARTT stands for Smart Meals Administration, Recording and Transaction Tracking

We believe that SMARTT is the foremost Windows-based software package designed specifically for the highly-specialist arena of provision and administration of a Community Meals Service, commonly known as “Meals on Wheels”.

Community Meals Services are provided by Local Authorities (at both County and District Council Levels) and by commercial contractors, and since 1995 SMARTT has built up an impressive user base from both of these market sectors and is now responsible for the daily provision of huge numbers of meals to elderly and other vulnerable people across the UK.

Please explore the details on the following pages, and see how SMARTT Meals on Wheels Software could save YOUR organisation time and money …. Now that’s SMARTT thinking !

Client Testimonials

I’d like to say that we’re all very pleased we bought your software – it has made a world of difference!
Ian Crook , Bath & North East Somerset
“We have been working with SMARTT for a number of months now and have found the quality of product and support first class.  We feel the system is the best available for the effective and efficient administration of our Meals into the Home service.  From the initial concept meeting to going live we have been able to build a strong relationship with the SMARTT team and have found them always flexible and willing to go the extra mile to meet our needs.
Micheal Hayes, Head of Contract Service - Tower Hamlets
During our recent mobilisation of the Triborough contract in London involving five separate Councils – the SMARTT team managed the complicated process of transferring sensitive Service user data securely from two different software systems (one of which was an in-house Council bespoke system) to the SMARTT system operated by Sodexo. This was carried out both professionally and efficiently despite not getting the data back from other the other software systems in the requested format (needed almost daily contact with in-house IT teams to resolve)
Sodexo were required to mobilise this particular contract in 6 weeks – which is half of the normal mobilisation time that we normally work to and without the support from the SMARTT team would not have been able to achieve this .
Jarek Plewa, Sodexo - Homeservice Business Director
We are delighted by recent statistics revealing that Smartt Software is now responsible for delivery of over 6 million meals each year, together with the associated administration and accounting for these deliveries.

Smartt is loaded with useful features

We also listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. Smartt is not only built by us, but also by our users.

Easy Navigation

Smartt is incredibly easy to navigate, with large color coded and meaningful buttons throughout the system.

Easy access to data

All client data is held within one screen, and easily accessed using a TAB system. You don’t need to navigate to or open multiple windows.

Rich set of system parameters

Many features and be enabled/disabled quickly and easily, allowing Smartt to operate exactly how you want.

Bespoke reporting

As well as a vast array of built in report, bespoke reports are alos catered for giving you the exact report requried.

Detailed Meals File

Each meal within Smartt holds details such as cost price, diet suitability, allergen information, ingredients and more.

Multiple Kitchen records

Any number of kitchens, or depots, can be added and each kitchen holds its own delivery rounds stock reecords, monthend statement information and more.

Client Online Portal

Give your clients access to thier records in Smartt and allow them to enter menus, service alterations, send messages, enter praise or complaint, view account plus more

Web Referrals

A council are able to refer clients directly to your application via a web browser, this makes sure the data received is correct and does away with the good old fax machine.

Smartt LIVE

Allow drivers to use a tablet to perform the days drops. They are able to capture client service alterations, concerns, non delivery questionnaire, any monies captured, and all data is sent direct back to your application and updated LIVE!

show me SmarttLIVE!

Those are just a few main features, there are plenty more

  • Stock Control

  • Built-in Accounting

  • Complaints & Compliments

  • Meal Dislikes

  • Multiple Menu entry screens

  • User Management

  • Mileage Claims

  • CSV extracts for Agresso

  • Direct Debits

  • Driver Details

  • Meal Dislikes

  • Mutliple Client Diets

  • Banking Reconciliation

  • Meal Allergens

  • Forward Ordering

  • Weekend Waiting List

  • Cheque Batch Entry

  • Letter Writting Module

  • Client Statements

  • Client Concerns

  • Flexible Pricing Structure